"We exist to benefit the community through the provision of services in connection with addiction recovery and its effects. We provide support to adults who are affected by addiction, directly or indirectly, to recover from its damaging results in their lives."

SharingPoint was founded in 2002 to provide group counselling services to adults directly affected by addiction or indirectly affected by the addiction of a significant other person in their lives. A registered charity (RCN: 20051594), SharingPoint is an independent, not-for-profit organization which depends upon donations and client contributions to fund its services.

SharingPoint is led by a full-time CEO with extensive addiction recovery experience and has a voluntary Board of Directors with a range of professional, commercial and industrial experience.

SharingPoint’s core group counselling service is delivered by professional staff who are trained and experienced in addiction recovery. This service is suitable for adults who are committed to recovering from any addiction to mood-altering substances or behaviours, such as alcohol, illegal drugs, prescribed medication, gambling, sex, eating, stealing etc.

It is also suitable for adults affected by the addiction of any significant person in their lives such as a spouse, sibling, or parent. It is available to adults of any age, gender or background.

Our Philosophy

We believe that recovery for anyone affected by addiction is possible through the development of self-understanding and acceptance. This can be achieved best by undertaking a focused journey of self-discovery, while building an understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s own life.

For those recovering from addiction, this journey addresses the causes of their addiction, and the reasons why they tend to revert to and rely on addictive behaviours. For those recovering from the effects of living with or related to a person directly affected by addiction, this journey helps them to gain/regain a sense of belief and value in themselves.

The knowledge thus gained will empower clients to genuinely value and care for themselves and for others. Ultimately, we believe that recovery from addiction requires the courage to be one’s true self so as to be able to experience life to the full in the present moment.

Our Approach

In our experience, group counselling has been found to be the most effective way to help our clients to recovery, due to the mutual sharing of experiences. This leads to the realisation that they are not alone in these experiences, and to powerful mutual support from other group members.

Each recovery group meets weekly and is facilitated by two experienced professional facilitators. The recovery group sessions operate in a confidential, safe and supportive environment. Groups consist of a mix of clients, some of whom are directly affected by addiction, and others who are indirectly affected.

The length of time a client attends a recovery group will depend on a continuous assessment of the individual client’s pace of recovery and specific needs. Typically, clients attend a weekly recovery group for a period of three to four years.

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